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Eye Exams, Vision Exams, and Eye Care from an Eye Doctor on Our Team

At Inner Harbour Optometry, serving Victoria, BC, and Saanich, BC, we encourage our patients to consider regular eye exams as they offer the following advantages.

Vision exam

Get Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses

Anyone interested in prescription glasses and contact lenses knows that an eye exam is essential. An optometrist on our optometry team can assess your vision and help provide a prescription for you. We will also advise on the type of lenses that work best for your lifestyle.

Detect Early Signs of Disease

During an eye exam, an optometrist on our optometry team will check for signs of glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal disorders, and other vision problems. This can help detect potential eye issues early on and improve the chances of successful treatment. Pay attention to early diagnosis as it helps to avoid permanent vision loss. This is particularly important if you are in a higher risk group for certain eye diseases, such as being older and having other family members with a specific eye disease.

Ensure Your Vision Is Good

Even if there are no underlying diseases or visual impairments, regular eye exams can help ensure your vision is sharp. It is possible for your prescription to change with time, and this might cause you eye strain without you even noticing it. You may even be surprised at how much sharper and clearer your vision can become with updated lenses. Your eye doctor can help decide if updated glasses or lenses are needed.

Improve Your Eye Comfort and Health

Eye exams can benefit people who do not wear glasses but require optometry services. For instance, a comprehensive eye exam can help detect the cause of any blurry vision or discomfort in the eyes that may indicate an underlying issue, such as diabetic retinopathy. It might also help diagnose allergies, infections, and other eye health issues. Booking an appointment with an optometrist on our optometry team may be useful if you experience discomfort or vision problems.

To help Detect Eye Diseases Early and Get Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses from an Eye Doctor on Our Optometry Team

To help detect eye diseases early and to help with finding the right prescription glasses and contact lenses, book a complete eye exam with Inner Harbour Optometry. We are dedicated to offering eye care services for patients in Victoria, BC, and Saanich, BC. Call us at (250) 920-0755 to see an optometrist on our optometry team.

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