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Inner Harbour Optometry is proudly owned and operated by Dr. Balraj R. Sharma; accompanied by a team of highly qualified optometrists and staff. Our family eye care and optometry clinic has been serving patients in Victoria for over ten years. It is always our goal and mission to provide you with quality eye exams & vision assessments.

What does this exactly mean?


    Giving you the necessary knowledge and understanding so you can protect and preserve your eyes


    Understanding yours and your family’s eye history so a comprehensive assessment can be provided


    Following up with you to ensure you are coming into our office when required

It means that we believe it is extremely important to build a solid relationship with all of our patients and with their families because we are passionate about what we do and we want your entire family to feel confident that your eyes are being handled by the best eye and vision experts around! Get in touch with us today.

My promise to each and every patient is simple, its quality care. Quality care allows for prevention, accurate diagnosis, and the necessary educational tools so you are able to continue caring for your eyes as they need. I hope your experience with our office is one you won’t forget!

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