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Eye strain caused by mobile devices, work computers, and long hours of usage has become a common problem in today’s world. With increasing demands to stay connected and productive throughout the day, it’s no wonder that our bodies are pushing back. Many people experience symptoms such as headaches, loss of vision clarity, eyestrain, and overall mental and physical exhaustion that seems to persist. If you’re dealing with eye strain and live in Victoria, Saanich, or one of the nearby communities, our team at Inner Harbour Optometry is here to help.

How does Neurolens work?

Similar to chronic stress, constant exposure to digital work, even for entertainment purposes, takes a toll on our eyes. This not only affects our vision but also adds to the concerns of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

In response to these issues, neurolens technology has been developed to reduce the need for vision correction and corrective devices in the long run. The science behind neurolens focuses on addressing the symptoms associated with heavy digital eye strain. It targets a condition called binocular vision dysfunction (BVD), which occurs when the eyes, which normally work together, begin to fail in their coordinated approach to vision. Left untreated, BVD can lead to the symptoms mentioned above, including dizziness and neck pain.

Unlike traditional methods of eye correction that primarily address refractive issues of the lenses, neurolens aims to restore binocular vision by using a contoured prism design. This approach helps realign the eyes’ focal point, reducing strain and the associated problems. As a result, it reduces physical exhaustion and its related complications.

Neurolens Prescription

The application of neurolens is performed by an optometrist following a comprehensive eye examination and evaluation. Based on this information, the eye doctor determines the appropriate prism level for eye alignment, which is a key feature of neurolens. Similar to prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, neurolens is customized and prescribed by an optometrist to ensure the best adjustment of vision and long-term relief. This includes relief from general vision problems and irritation; improved vision clarity during work, fewer issues when working with digital display systems, and alleviation of neck and upper spine discomfort.

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Our experienced eye doctors at Inner Harbour Optometry specialize in neurolens prescriptions and applications for patients, particularly those experiencing vision exhaustion and irritation from prolonged computer and digital screen usage. Unlike traditional vision correction methods, neurolens addresses the eye synchronization issues caused by BVD symptoms. There’s no need to continue suffering or attempting to solve digital-related vision problems with solutions that aren’t tailored to your specific needs. Contact our team today at (250) 920-0755 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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