Computer Vision Syndrome

The advancement of technology has made it easier for us to spend hours upon hours looking at a computer screen. Whether working at our desks or on the go using a laptop, phone, or tablet, many of us spend several hours a day staring at the glow of a screen. Unfortunately, spending extended periods in front of a screen can cause issues, including computer vision. Computer vision can cause many problems, including blurred vision and eye fatigue. 

If you spend extended time working on the computer, it might be best to see an optometrist for tips on avoiding computer vision. At Inner Harbour Optometry, we have been helping patients with their eye care needs in Victoria, BC, and Saanich, BC. 

Computer Vision

What is computer vision syndrome? 

Computer vision is a term used for patients suffering from the effects of staring at computer screens and similar devices for extended periods. Those who suffer from computer vision can experience several problematic issues, affecting their continued use of computers. 

What are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome? 

Several symptoms can signify someone is suffering from computer vision syndrome. Some of the most common symptoms include dry eyes, sticky eyes, eye strain, fatigue, blurry vision, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. Most patients typically experience one or two of these symptoms, but it is possible to share several of them simultaneously. 

What causes computer vision syndrome? 

Computer vision syndrome occurs mainly from long-term exposure to staring at a computer screen. However, several other factors can impact the effects of the computer screen and the strain on the eyes. Common causes of computer vision syndrome include computer screen glare, improper lighting, uncorrected vision problems, and poor posture. 

How is computer vision syndrome diagnosed? 

An eye doctor can diagnose computer vision syndrome by conducting a comprehensive eye exam and reviewing your eye health and medical history. During your appointment with the optometrist, they will also discuss your computer usage habits and may provide tips to help reduce the strain on your eyes. 

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