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Contact Lenses from Inner Harbour Optometry

Contact lenses are an excellent option for anyone that doesn't want to worry about the hassle of eyeglasses. They make daily activities like working and exercising easier, and still provide the same clear vision as glasses. At Inner Harbour Optometry, we provide comprehensive contact lens exams and prescriptions to the communities of Victoria, BC, and Saanich, BC.  

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Contact Lens Exams

An optometrist will perform your vision eye exam to determine your vision needs, your overall eye health, and the best prescription for you. Certain eye conditions or infections can prevent you from comfortably or safely wearing contact lenses, and we need to know that we won't be causing further aggravation. Once we have the necessary information, our optometrist will fit you with the most appropriate contacts, depending on your needs.

Contact Lens Fitting

Part of the process involved in a contact lens exam is taking eye measurements to ensure your lenses fit properly and comfortably. We'll check the curve diameter of your eye and your pupil and iris measurements. We will also evaluate your tear film to ensure your eyes produce enough tears to keep the contacts moist. 

Choosing Contact Lenses That Fit Your Needs and Lifestyle

Many different types of contact lenses are available, including daily disposables, weekly lenses, monthly lenses, and toric lenses for patients with astigmatism. For those with harder-to-fit eyes, such as astigmatism, there are also yearly lenses. 

Contact Lens Education

Your eye doctor will teach you how to care for your contact lenses. They should be treated like any medical device, which includes changing them regularly and following care instructions to avoid eye infections or other complications. 

Follow-Up Visits

At your follow-up visit, our optometrist will check that the lenses are comfortable and that your vision is perfect. If everything is good, we will order your supply of lenses. It's essential to continue seeing your optometrist for regular eye check-ups, even if you don't experience any discomfort or changes in your vision. Regular check-ups can detect potential problems early on and ensure your contacts work effectively.

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At Inner Harbour Optometry, our highly qualified optometrists and staff have served patients in the Victoria, BC, area for over ten years. Our goal is to provide quality eye exams and vision assessments. We provide personalized, ongoing care, ensuring you receive expert eye care every time you enter our clinic.

Whether you need a new contact lens prescription or want to try them as an alternative to glasses, contact our office by calling (250) 920-0755 to learn more. 

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