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3 Reasons to Fit Kids with Contact Lenses

kid putting in contact lenses

Nearly 3 percent of children aged 18 and below wear contact lenses to correct vision issues. Contact lenses help improve eyesight naturally because they are worn directly on the eyes. If your child has been diagnosed with vision problems, contact lenses could be a great solution to the problem.

At Inner Harbour Optometry, we offer affordable contact lenses for kids. If you live around Victoria, BC, and Saanich, BC, visit us for comprehensive eye exams and high-quality contact lenses for your child. Here are three main reasons you should fit your child with contact lenses.


Contact Lenses are Hard to Break or Lose

Contact lenses are hard to break compared to eyeglasses because these visual aids rest atop your iris. It’s also hard for them to get lost unless the child removes them, which is rare.

Contact lenses will be worth the try if you are looking for a long-lasting vision correction solution for your child. These lenses will save you the huge costs of repairing and replacing glasses that rest on the bridge of the nose. Glasses are easily taken off or broken, risking losing valuable sight for your child.

Ideally, an optometrist inserts the lenses into your child’s eyes, showing you how to take them out and put them in. If your child feels uncomfortable with the contacts given to them, we have multiple options. Our optometrist can replace your contacts with well-fitting lenses to enhance comfort and reduce the risk of breakage.


Contact Lenses are Great for Sporting Activities

Well-fitting contact lenses remain intact despite the child’s movements when playing, enabling them to play better and more comfortably. This comfort is a great advantage compared to eyeglasses, which can easily fall off during games. If your child needs vision correction, find a reliable eye care expert for the contact lenses that meet your child’s sports vision needs.


Contact Lenses Increase Child Self-Esteem

Contact lenses are hard to recognize because they fit well in the eye. Therefore, you can boost your child’s self-esteem by providing the right contact lenses based on your child’s condition. Avoid hard-to-fit contacts for the best results.


Contact Us for Contact Lenses and Children’s Eye Care 

You may not always prevent vision issues in children, but you can manage them with the right practices. At Inner Harbour Optometry, we offer high-quality contact lenses for children, including eye exams to help identify the problem. If you live in Victoria or Saanich, BC, Canada, contact us at (250) 920-0755 to book our children’s eye care services.