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Common Eye Questions Our Patients Ask

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Have you ever had questions about your vision & eyes, or about your eye exam(s)? You’re not the only one! In this week’s blog post we will be dedicated to answering some of your burning eye vision and eye exam questions! We hope you enjoy it!


The Most Common Eye Doctor Questions

Read all about the most common eye questions our patients ask us, and Dr. Sharma’s responses below:

  1. Why Do My Eyes Get Dry While Working On My Computer? 

    This commonly occurs because we simply forget to blink, which results in dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome symptoms include having red, itchy, watery, and among other things feeling a burning sensation. Dry eyes occur because we are not producing enough tears or the tears that are being produced are evaporating too quickly. The good news is there are ways to combat dry eyes.

    Learn all about it in our previous blog post What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

  2. If My Vision Is Clear, I Don’t Need To See An Eye Doctor, Right? 

    Seeing your local optometrist regularly is recommended. Regular eye-checkups are more than just ensuring your vision is clear, it’s also about assessing your eye health. Since many eye symptoms go unnoticed by patients, it is imperative a proactive approach is taken to eye health care. Your eyes are irreplaceable, so take care of them as you only have the one pair for life!

  3. Will My Child Inherit My Poor Eyesight?

     Genes do play a role in your child’s vision. Genes can effect nearsightedness and farsightedness. For example, if both parents are nearsighted, the chances that their child will inherit this increases. But, there are also factors that play into ones vision, including environmental factors. Studies show children that spend more time outdoors have decreased rated of nearsightedness.

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  4. Why Does The Eye Doctor Dilate My Eyes? 

    We know, no one likes to have their eyes dilated. Afterwards, your eyes are sensitive to light and it’s hard to see close up. However, dilating eye drops are necessary because they allow your eye doctor to see the back of the eye more clearly. The dilation medication allows the pupil to enlarge and thus allow more light to enter the eye. Not everyone requires dilation drops at their regular eye exam; however, if you have an eye disease/condition, medical history, or small pupils you may need dilating.

    Learn more about dilating eye drops in our previous post Why Does My Optometrist Dilate My Eyes?

  5. How Often Do I Need An Eye Exam?

    Children should see their eye doctor before the age of one and between the ages of two to five. Yearly eye exams should be done after starting school.  Adults (19 to 64 years) should get their eyes tested bi-annually. Mature adults (65+ years) should get their eyes tested annually or bi-annually. However, these are just guideline your optometrist may recommend you come in more frequently depending on whether there is a preexisting eye issue or condition.

  6. If I Wear Glasses Will My Eyes Get Weaker? 

    Rest assured that the answer to this is no. The reason why many people believe their eyes have gotten weaker since wearing glasses is because they are now seeing clearly. So there is a stark difference in their vision when they remove their glasses. Often times patients will say now I can’t do without my glasses, whereas before I was doing fine. Prior to glasses, patients are generally just used to having poor vision and getting by with squinting or adjusting the distance of objects until clear. Glasses do not change the shape of your eyes.

  7. What Do You See In The Back Of My Eye? 

    The back of the eye is a crucial part to assess during an eye exam. Optometrist look for irregularities that can point to eye related issues like age-related macular degeneration, as well as non-eye related issues like high blood pressure. Check out Inner Harbour Optometry’s advanced diagnostic testing tools (digital retinal imaging machine/Optical Coherence Tomography machine) and see a visual picture of the back of the eye.


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