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My Contact Lenses Are Uncomfortable

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A common complaint Dr. Sharma hears from patients about their contact lenses. Also, if you have tried them once, you are less likely to try them again! The most common reason for this is reduced comfort due to dry eyes.


My Contact Lenses Are Uncomfortable!

There are several important components to consider in contact lens design. Your family eye doctor will consider all the important factors to ensure greatest comfort. Some of which include:

  • Lens oxygen permeability, which is the amount of oxygen the lens allows to the eye.
  • Wettability is the amount of time a contact essentially retains moisture.
  • Water content refers to the design of a lens and effects the levels of oxygen to the eye.


Different Brands For Different Eyes

There are several different brands of contact lenses with many unique properties. Contact lens technology continuously evolves. Making it possible for almost all patients to be successful wearers. For example, the Dailies Total 1 contact lens is made with nearly the same water content as the front surface of the eye. This provides a smoother interface and better comfort. Allowing you to wear your contact lenses longer and more comfortably.

If you continually experience dry eyes with contact lenses there are simple additional options. Wearers can try artificial tears; blinking more frequently; and adjustments to computer ergonomics. These can help alleviate dry eye symptoms.

Although it is always recommended that everyone keep on top of their regular eye exams. It is particularly important for contact lens wearers. Regular eye check-ups can ensure your brand of lenses are still the most suitable. The human eye changes overtime and so different lenses may be needed later. But you won’t know till you come in!


Schedule an appointment online or by phone with Dr. Sharma and become more informed about your contact lenses. We would love to help fit you with the perfect lenses!