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Does Wearing Eye Glasses Make Your Vision Worse?


“Why is my eye glasses prescription always changing with each visit? Are my eye glasses making my eyes lazy?”

These are questions Dr. Sharma at Inner Harbour Optometry gets quite frequently. Many patients feel their glasses can make their vision worse, especially if overworn. Luckily this is not true, your glasses cannot change the shape of your eye. They can, however, help you see more clearly. Let’s take a closer look at the science behind this.


How do Eyeglasses Work?

Eyeglasses Do Not Weaken Eyesight

We know eyeglasses help improve our eyesight, whether we are nearsighted or farsighted. But, how exactly is this achieved? Our eyes rely on light rays and the retina, which is the part of the eye that helps communicate an image to the brain. Those who require specs have trouble focusing light directly onto the retina, due to the shape of their eyes. Eyeglasses, which are a medical device, manipulate the light rays entering the eye, so that the light rays focus directly onto the surface of the retina and not above or below it. This is accomplished through curves in the lenses of your eyeglasses, which are either convex or concave depending on your prescription.


Why Is My Prescription Changing At Every Eye Exam Appointment?

Depending on your age, the shape of the eye is prone to more changes at certain times of our life. For example, although our eyes don’t fully stop growing until the age of 19, just like a child’s height can have a growth spurt, so to does a child’s eyes. This is a time when many children are either diagnosed with nearsightedness or farsightedness or see changes in their prescription. Additionally, the shape of the eye also changes more as we age, as the lenses in the eye thicken and the focusing muscles weaken. This is referred to as presbyopia. Those who are over the age of 40, experience more vision changes than, say someone who is in their 20’s. However, in our technologically forward world where we are constantly in front of a screen, vision changes are occurring more rapidly. This is why it is especially important for everyone to develop good eye practices. Read about our recommended tips in the following articles:

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Can Reading Eyeglasses Weaken my Eyesight?

As we mentioned earlier, older adults start experiencing presbyopia because the lens in their eyes loses its elasticity and us unable to focus on objects at close distances. Things like the newspaper become harder to read closer, so patients find they are having to hold small prints further for them to be clearer. A common fear patients have is now that they have picked up their pair of readers (which will make reading the newspaper a whole lot more easier), they are becoming reliant on them, and feel their eyes are therefore weakening. Fear not, your readers are not making your eyes weaker, they can, however, make you feel this way because you may have prolonged getting readers and you can finally see! It can also be that your eye shape is changing, and your eyes actually require bifocals or progressive eye glasses. Patients who wear contacts can also ask their local Victoria Eye Doctor for contact lens solutions if they are experiencing such eye issues.


Can Wearing My Eyeglasses Make My Eyes Worse?

There you have it, your eyeglasses will not make your eyes worse. In fact, even if you wore the wrong prescription, your eyes would not get worse, because eyeglasses cannot change the shape of your eyes. But, in this case you would experience some discomfort in the form of headaches and or eye strain. Throughout your life, you will experience changes in your eyes, this is why it is important you get regular eye exams even if you do not require eyeglasses. An eye exam can help you see clearly, but it can also ensure your eyes are healthy!


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