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Eye Emergency: Don’t Let A Cork Dampen Your Holidays!

pouring Champagne

Yes, it’s almost that time of the year. That time where you have parties every day, with the most scrumptious food! And don’t forget about the bubbly, a perfect time to have during the holiday festivities. Don’t let a cork cause you an eye emergency!

You may never even think of a cork as being dangerous to your eyes. It’s simply just the thing that is between you and the liquid inside the bottle! But, corks can be quite damaging to the eye. The high-pressure level can hit an eye with great force. This can cause major ocular issues, like a retinal detachment, which could lead to blindness. Other issues, like glaucoma, may not be felt for years to come.


How To Open A Champagne Bottle Safely

The next time you’re about to celebrate a joyous occasion with champagne, use these tips to keep your eyes (and your guests’ eyes) safe:

  1. Open and point the cork away from any faces.
  2. Do not shake the bottle, as this just creates more pressure (even though we know you are very tempted to do so).
  3. Chill at least 45 degrees. The cooler the bottle the smoother the “pop”.
  4. Hold a towel over the bottle and then open it.


Don’t Assume Your Eye Will Just Heal!

If you have suffered an eye emergency like a blow to your eye, always get it checked out from your optometrist/hospital. Doing so can make the difference between seeing and not seeing. At Inner Harbour Optometry we treat eye emergencies as a priority, because time is of the essence. So don’t forget to tell the front staff if you have one!

Christmas decorations


We hope you have lots of fun this holiday season, but remember to protect your eyes! Happy Holidays from Inner Harbour Optometry – you local Victoria eye doctors! 

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