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Eye Knowledge: True or False

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Have you ever heard a “fact” about your eyes that you just weren’t sure it was 100% true? Like, sitting too close to the television will harm your eyes? Or, eye exams are only needed if you can’t see? Well, I have heard them all! So, this week’s article is dedicated to dispelling some of the fallacies that you may think are true, and perhaps uncovering some truths! I hope you enjoy this list, and more importantly gain some new eye knowledge. Enjoy!


True or False?

I have heard a lot of eye myths and although some are just funny, believing in others can put your eyes at serious risk. How well do you know the truth? Check out this list:

  1. You only need an eye exam when your vision is not clear. Although it may be intuitive to only go see your local Victoria, BC eye doctor when you’re having problems seeing clearly, it is actually false. Seeing an optometrist regularly is key because when it comes to your eyes, being proactive is the best protection. Regular check ups can ensure your vision is clear and also ensure you’re not experiencing any other eye and non-eye related issues.
  2. Looking at the sun can make you blind. No one should stare at the sun with a naked eye. It is a fact that if you stare at the sun too long you can go blind. It is dependent upon the length of time and sky conditions. However, it is quite unnatural to stare at the sun for more than a mere second so the possibility of someone actually going blind is likely low. This does not mean that there isn’t eye damage still occurring even if you look at the sun for a short time, so proper eye protection is a must.
  3. Watching television too close can harm your eyes. We all heard this probably as kids, but it’s false! It may cause some uncomfortable eye strain but no eye damage.
  4. The human eye cannot be transplanted. The eye is such a fascinatingly complex structure that we have yet to figure out how to successfully transplant it. The eye’s ability to communicate light signals into images understood by the brain via the optic nerve is no simple task. So this is absolutely true! A very good reason to visit your family eye doctor on a regular basis. Because you literally have only the one pair of eyes for life!
  5. An eye exam can detect non-eye related issues. Our whole body is connected. So a simple eye exam can indeed detect non-eye related issues or diseases like Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
  6. When babies are first born they cannot see in color. This is true! Imagine being in a black and white movie this is kind of what babies first see when they are born up until the end of their 4-month mark. Initially, babies only see in black, white, and shades of gray. This is why showing babies bold, contrasting objects intrigues them at this age.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog post and learned some new eye knowledge! I cannot stress enough how important it is to be proactive when it comes to your eye health. Your regular eye exam is sometimes the only opportunity to assess any potential eye health issues. As many eye issues/diseases have little to no symptoms and go unnoticed by patients. The earlier any issues are identified the sooner a treatment plan can be put in place increasing the chances of success! Additionally, as mentioned above an eye exam is not just about your eyes!


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