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Eye Protection is No Joke when it comes to Playing Sports

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A lot of talk about safety has surrounded sports lately. Will Smith even starred in a movie called Concussion, a true story based on groundbreaking research on chronic brain injuries in football players. More information about the long-term effects of sports injuries, especially to children, has brought a long overdue awareness to this topic. But not much talk has surrounded preventable sports-related eye injuries. That’s right, sport-related eye accidents happen all the time, and 90% of them are preventable with protective eye gear!

Who should wear eye protection in sports? And when?

Answer: everyone and always. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or an amateur athlete. Both players have eyes, which could potentially get damaged. Watch what happens to L.A. Clippers Austin Rivers. He is a prime example of what can happen when an elbow meets an eye…ouch! Was this preventable, probably, yes. There are countless stories of athletes eyes being injured while playing sports. So why isn’t more action being taken to prevent these injuries?



Preventing eye injuries in sports


How should you protect your eyes?

Currently, there is little to no enforcement on protective eye gear for many sports, but players should take precautions by:

  1. Wearing protective goggles
  2. Wearing helmets
  3. Wearing face guards


Don’t put off your regular eye exam

It’s no secret that many children and adults don’t get a regular eye exam. An eye exam is more than just an updated eye prescription, it can be a chance to discuss what protective eyewear is best suited for each sport. It also can detect any sports-related eye injuries and or pre-existing conditions needing attention. Always let your optometrist know of any eye injuries you have suffered, so a proper assessment can be done.

Children have the most to lose when they cannot see clearly. An injury that is untreated can affect a child’s learning, confidence, and health. MSP fully covers children’s eye exams, learn more about government coverage here.


If you want more information on specific eye protection, book an appointment with Dr. Sharma. We love seeing happy eyes!