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Eye Fact or Myth – Pseudo Eye Health ‘Tips’ Debunked

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Have you ever heard of putting a raw steak on a black eye? What about changing the color of your eye with honey? It’s hard to decipher what’s fact and what’s just a plain old myth. Well, you need not look any further because we have gone through and listed some common eye “tips” you may have heard of to see just how true they really are. Don’t be fooled the next time you hear someone say an eye myth!


Eye Fact or Myth?


  1. Does rubbing raw steak on a black eye help recovery?

This so-called tip is an absolute no-no. We all know the bacteria associated with raw meat, so why on earth would you put a raw steak even close to your eye! Serious eye infection(s) can result from following this tip, so our advice to you is to keep the steak on your plate, not on your eye! This is pure Fiction.

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  1. Will putting honey on my eye change its color?

This is an intriguing one. Honey is praised by modern society as a natural remedy for many ailments. But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s good for your eyes, or that it can magically change your eye color. Do not put honey on your eyes, or you will have more than just a sticky situation. Nothing can change the color of your eyes unless you decide to wear colored contact lenses! This is also complete Fiction.


  1. Can minor corneal scratches heal themselves within 48 hours?

The eye is amazing and can actually heal itself very quickly. When a minor corneal abrasion occurs, the affected eye’s other healthy cells go into overdrive to help seal the scratch. So YES, your eye can repair itself in as little as 48 hours. Go eyes! This remarkable feat is a Fact.


  1. Will too much sex lead to blindness?

We think the saying ‘too much of a good thing is never good’ has been stretched here a bit. This statement has evolved from the dark ages when people who were promiscuous had a higher risk of contracting syphilis, mostly due to engaging in unprotected sex (and not from the actual act itself). Syphilis can cause blindness, and so the myth was born. In short, you are not going to go blind from too much sex, but you can try this line on your teens! Sorry, this is utter Fiction.


  1. I don’t need to see an optometrist unless I have an eye problem, right?

Sight is one of the most valued senses, yet many people fail to take that half an hour out of their lives every two years to ensure their eye health is in order. Unfortunately, vision checks need to be proactively done, not retroactively. Getting your annual or bi-annual eye health assessment is more than just an appointment for a new prescription. It’s a chance to identify and treat other possible eye conditions or diseases. So get your eyes checked, it’s not like your optometrist is going to be pulling your teeth (you got the dentist for that)! This is certainly Fiction.

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  1. Is it possible to have green or blue eyes even if your parents have brown eyes?

An individual’s eye color is dictated by his or her genes. These color genes can be recessive and not appear for generations and then suddenly pop up again. Although this does not happen all that often this statement is very much true! This amazing and rare genetic trait is a Fact.


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