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How Aging Affects Our Eyes & Eyesight

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It is inevitable that we are all aging every year, month, and even every second. Because as of right now, there is no magic potion to help us stop time. Not that we are suggesting that time should be stopped because some of us are quite frankly looking forward to aging (and specifically retirement). Right? Well if you are over the age of 40 you may have already started noticing small changes in your vision. What kind of changes? Read this week’s article to find out how aging affects our eyes and what you can do about it!


“Can The Print Get Any Smaller?”

You’re at a lovely restaurant with your significant other and can’t wait to enjoy some of their raved about dishes. The waiter hands you the menu. You turn over the menu to see the specials, and it’s all a blur. The low dimming is not helping either. Oh great, I can’t even see the menu! Can the print get any smaller? For most people, this will be the first change they notice with their vision as they age. It’s called presbyopia, which occurs when the eye in unable to focus on objects at close distances. This usually begins in middle-aged adults. Those who already have glasses and or contacts and have trouble seeing objects at far distances (nearsightedness) can ask their local Victoria eye doctor to help prescribe them with bifocal or multi-focal lenses.

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My Eyes Feel Like Sandpaper!

Increased dryness is also another common age-related change many people experience. This happens because the tear glands do not produce enough tears or produce tears that are inadequate to lubricate the eyes. One reason for this change could be due to changing hormones. Symptoms of dry eyes include itching, red, and or a burning sensation. Some equate the feeling to sandpaper – not very comfortable. But, there is good news. Your eye professional can help alleviate these symptoms, which may include recommending artificial tear drops, eye plugs, supplements, and in some cases surgery. Dr. Sharma always recommends patients come and see him when it comes to dry eyes because understanding the root issue is necessary for properly treating this condition.

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Floaters, Floaters, Floaters!

You know those annoying little or big specs that keep appearing in your vision? Well if you don’t know, those are termed in the medical world as floaters. For the most part seeing these is normal. As we age the jelly-like substance within the eye called the vitreous that helps maintain the structure of the eye, tends to clump together in small pieces. These floaters can present as small pepper-like dots, debris, or wispy strands of hair in your vision.

So what can you do about floaters? Unfortunately, not a whole lot. Try not to focus on them. But, if you do notice a sudden increase in floaters or flashes of lights, immediately call your optometrist and let them know you have an eye emergency. This could be an indication of something seriously wrong, like a retinal detachment. Prolonging a visit to the doctor, in this case, could result in you losing your sight. So don’t wait!

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Age Is Nothing But A Number

We hope this has helped you learn how aging affects our eyes. We have covered a few of the common eye changes people experience as they become wiser. But, just because you are aging doesn’t mean your eyes are going to suddenly fail you. For the most part, people experience these age-related changes slowly. Many of them are treatable. So remember it is always best to keep on top of your regular eye exam because as we age we are in general more susceptible to eye conditions and diseases. Early diagnosis means better and a more successful treatment plan. You only get the one pair, so don’t take them for granted!


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