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I Only Need To See My Optometrist If I Have An Eye Issue, Right?

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Generally, you see a doctor when you are experiencing a problem. For example, your ear has been aching, so you make an appointment with your family doctor to see if it is an ear infection. Turns out it is, and you are prescribed an antibiotic. This traditional reactive concept of care can be applied in some instances when it comes to your body, but what about when it comes to your eyes? Do I only need to see my optometrist if I have an eye issue? The short answer is no. Find out why in this week’s article!


Be Proactive When It Comes To Your Eyes

Our eyes are really irreplaceable. What I mean by this is, we cannot medically replace your eyes. So, should you damage your eyes and lose your sight, it cannot be restored. This means you must take good care of your eyes, because they should theoretically last you your entire life. This is precisely why you should be seeing a family eye doctor regularly. Seeing an optometrist regularly is beneficial for a few reasons:

  1. It helps identify any changes in your eye health from your last appointment. Your eye doctor now can monitor this potential issue closely by asking you to come in more frequently. Or you may be put on treatment plan sooner than later, allowing for better results.
  2. You are more in charge of your own eye health. Knowing that you are, for example, predisposed to macular degeneration can help you be proactive in your day to day life. Know the symptoms so should you develop the eye disease, you can let your eye care professional know earlier.
  3. It can help identify non-eye-related issues. Your eyes are really the windows to your soul (and the rest of your body). Getting a regular comprehensive eye exam can help identify many other issues that are not eye-specific, like Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


An Eye Exam Is More Than Just New Specs

Most people will associate an eye exam with getting updated glasses or contacts. But, an eye exam is not just about getting an updated prescription, although it is important to ensure your glasses or contacts are the correct prescription. Having a regular eye exam helps ensure your eye health is also sound. Issues are identified and dealt with promptly. It all boils down to being proactive. Many eye issues and diseases have little to no symptoms so this means you probably won’t know something is wrong. You might only find out about a problem when you see your eye doctor.


When Am I Supposed To See My Family Eye Care Centre?

If you have never seen an eye doctor regularly you probably aren’t sure how often you should see one! Don’t worry we got it all covered here:

  • Children (0 to 18 years):
    • before the age of one
    • between the ages of two to five
    • yearly after starting school
  • Adults (19 to 64 years):
    • bi-annually or unless recommended differently by an optometrist
  • Mature adults (65+ years):
    • annually or bi-annually, or unless recommended differently by an optometrist

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