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My Eye Is Twitching – How Do I Make It Stop?

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At one point in time almost all of us have experienced eye twitches, but for most individuals this eye condition subsides on its own fairly quickly and is not serious. However, for some eye twitching can be persistent and last for several days or weeks, and can be a sign of something more serious.


So, why does your eyelid twitch?

By the time a patient walks into my office, the number one question he or she has is how do I make my eye stop twitching? Well, the key is finding the underlying cause.

Unfortunately, there can be several causes for this eye condition, including:

  • Allergies
  • Caffeine
  • Eye strain
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • Eye dryness
  • Nerve issues

All but the last cause, nerve issues, are not serious and come under the umbrella of benign causes. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry if your eye twitching falls under the benign causes since once the underlying factor is eliminated the twitching should subside.

Those who experience twitching due to neurological issues; however, should seek immediate assistance from an optometrist to determine appropriate treatment.


When to see an optometrist about your eye twitching?

  • Twitching which has persisted for longer than a few days
  • Severed twitching
  • If the affected eye appears to have discharge, redness, or is swollen

If you experience any of the above symptoms you should immediately consult with an eye doctor.

Dr. Sharma always emphasizes the importance for regular eye checkups so the health of the eyes can be assessed, and to identify more serious issues like nerve disorders, which can result in the diagnosis of Parkinson’s or Tourette’s syndrome.


The eyes are really the window to the soul and can help identify more than just eye conditions! For more information please feel free to contact Dr. Sharma at 250-920-0755.