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Neurolens: What is it, and How Can it Help You?

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The majority of Canadian adults will experience symptoms of eye misalignment at some point in their life. And while the symptoms may seem ignorable at first, you’ll soon become exhausted by constant headaches, eyestrain, dizziness, dry eyes, and neck pain.

Neurolens is a revolutionary new solution to help people experiencing these symptoms, allowing people to return to everyday life pain-free for the first time. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Neurolens, including what it is, how it works, the benefits, who needs it, and how your optometrist can help.


What is Neurolens?

Neurolens is a company co-founded by Davis Corley in 2012. On a mission to help independent eye care providers like Inner Harbour Optometry bring relief to their patients. They did just that by creating an all-new category of eye glass lenses.

Neurolens is the first ever prescription lenses built with a contoured prism. This prism helps re-align the eyes, making them far more powerful than glasses made simply for reading or using a computer. On top of all the typical use cases of prescription eyewear, this special prescription has the power to correct serious eye misalignment.

When our eyes are no longer able to maintain single binocular vision, there exists a misalignment. These misalignments are classified as either heterophoria, fixation disparity and heterotropia. Traditional diagnostic testing is great at determining refractive errors, but it doesn’t pick up on how well our eyes work together.


How Does Neurolens Work?

wearing Neurolens headset

Photo credit to Neurolens

Unlike traditional methods of eye correction that mostly deal with refractive issues of the lenses, Neurolens aims to restore binocular vision.

Neurolens has a couple different products that both achieve the same goal. There is a wearable device that straps onto the patient’s head similar to a virtual reality headset for video games and other virtual experiences, and there’s a table-top measurement device.

These devices are powered by billions of data points of visual behaviour and over 10 years of patient outcomes. Quickly and accurately, Neurolens is able to measure the level of misalignment in your eyes down to a fraction of a prism diopter.

Neurolens relies on a powerful micro-prism that helps generate prescriptions. These Neurolens prescriptions have the ability to correct misalignment naturally – without the use of lasers or other invasive techniques. The result is an extremely accurate prescription that provides comfortable, pain-free vision.


Benefits of Neurolens

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  • All natural. Neurolens does not use any lasers, medication, needles, or anything else. Everything is 100% natural.
  • Live pain free. Say goodbye to headaches and migraines caused by eye misalignment, along with pain that has spread to the neck and shoulders. In a clinical study of 179 people in South Dakota, Neurolens improved headache symptoms in 80% of people and 54% reported symptoms “basically gone”.
  • Powerful vision. Neurolens allows you to see better than ever, including different depths, small words, and in low light.
  • Public spaces get easier. Public spaces like malls and workplaces become easier to manage and less anxiety-inducing when you can see clearly.
  • Eyes don’t re-adapt. Often, eyes will re-adapt to a prescription, especially patients with no binocular vision dysfunction. But with Neurolens, your eyes and prescription have a much better chance at avoiding re-adjustments.


Is Neurolens for You?

woman working on computer

The ideal patient for Neurolens is someone suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This condition affects those who spend the majority of their working hours staring at a computer screen. These days, more and more people are susceptible. As a result of all this screen time, our eyes become vulnerable to a range of issues, such as blurred vision, eye fatigue, dry eyes, and head, neck, or shoulder pain. Neurolens can help. On top of that, Neurolens with blue light filter coatings relieved CVS symptoms in 80% of Neurolens wearers – significantly more than the 30% reported by standard lens wearers with blue light filters.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) is a condition very similar to CVS that produces heavy digital eye strain. BVD occurs when the two eyes stop working together and fall out of coordination. Left untreated, BVD can lead to dizziness, neck pain, and exhaustion. Neurolens helps correct this misalignment, generating a near immediate effect on symptoms.


Visit Your Local Optometrist

If you spend long hours of the day staring at a screen, or the digital eye strain symptoms are impacting your everyday life, you may be a candidate for Neurolens. The best thing to do is visit your local optometrist for an eye exam.

You can book a comprehensive eye exam at one of Inner Harbour Optometry’s two downtown Victoria locations. Book an appointment today, and let’s start the journey of restoring your sight and a pain-free lifestyle.