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Age-Related Vision Loss – Why Does it Happen?

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On the exterior, the aging process is quite obvious. Usually, the first signs are most noticeable in our skin. We begin to lose elasticity, we try to preserve it as much as we can through diet, exercise, and countless other ways. But, have you ever thought about age-related vision loss? Have you ever heard of Presbyopia?

I just can’t read clearly anymore…


What is Presbyopia?

Have you ever noticed older adults putting on their glasses to read something, and then taking them off right away? Well, for the most part that is called presbyopia. It is an eye condition that generally starts to develop in your 40’s. Most of my patients notice that they no longer can see clearly when looking at things up close. Books or the newspaper are not clear, unless held at arms length or further. Other symptoms include headaches and or eye fatigue. Especially, when consistent nearsighted activities are performed.


Why does it happen?

Like other things in our body, the lens in our eye changes as we age. It becomes harder, and consequently less elastic. Causing the inability to focus on objects at a near distance. It’s important to know that this eye condition is age related. This condition is not the same as being nearsighted or farsighted, which has do with the actual shape of the eye; these symptoms can be developed at a much earlier age.



A comprehensive eye exam can help diagnose Presbyopia, a good reason to not miss your regular eye exam. Some patients will notice a change in their vision. I recommend to all patients if they see a change that they pay a visit to their optometrist sooner than later.


Treatment of Age-Related Vision Loss

There are many different treatment options available to those who develop Presbyopia. Progressive or bifocal glasses may be recommended. Those who enjoy wearing their contact lenses may choose to wear reading glasses for close up work.

Presbyopia can also be corrected through contact lenses, and lastly through corrective surgery. Your local eye doctor will recommend the appropriate type of treatment option to you after reviewing your eye history.


Would you like to learn more about age-related vision issues? Give us a call or book online with Dr. Sharma. We would love to help you see your very best!