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Reasons Your Child Needs Regular Eye Exams

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At Inner Harbour Optometry in Victoria and Saanich, CA, we offer comprehensive eye services to our patients, including routine eye exams for children. While everyone needs regular check-ups with their optometrist, kids are at a great disadvantage when they cannot see clearly as it hinders their development. Regular eye exams for children offer the following benefits.


Treating Myopia

An eye doctor can detect myopia (nearsightedness) early and recommend the safest, most effective treatment for your child. However, myopia can worsen if not properly managed, leading to a higher risk of vision-related problems later in life. Regular eye exams are the best way to prevent this from happening.


Detecting Eye Conditions

Early detection is key to managing conditions effectively. Regular check-ups with an eye doctor can help issues sooner than later, which can help a child’s well-being.


Recommend Prescription Lenses

Eye exams provide optometrists with important information about a child’s vision, and help prescribe prescription lenses for their needs. An experienced optometrist will determine whether lenses fit correctly and provide optimal vision correction for your child.


Early Detection of Glaucoma

As trends indicate, young children are more likely to suffer from glaucoma. Regular eye exams can help detect glaucoma early. Glaucoma is commonly seen in people over 40, but children should be screened as well.


Protection Against Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are common in childhood, a regular eye exam can help detect and treat eye injuries. For example, an eye doctor can check for minor scratches or cuts on the cornea, swelling of the eyes, and other issues that may have developed due to trauma. in addition, a qualified physician can help diagnose a problem in the internal structures of the eye. Leaving injuries untreated can cause serious eye issues for your child, so it is recommended that parents keep on top of their children’s regular eye exams.

At Inner Harbour Optometry in Victoria and Saanich, CA we understand the importance of regular eye exams for children. Our doctors provide comprehensive eye exams that help detect vision problems early and protect your child’s eyes for the future. Schedule an appointment by calling (250) 999-8804 and give your child the gift of clear vision.