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8 Signs That Your Child is Having Trouble Seeing

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Parents are busy bees, and many miss obvious signs their child is having trouble seeing. Dr. Sharma stresses the importance of regular eye exam check-ups for everyone, but especially for children. It can affect more than their vision. Young minds can feel excluded or embarrassed because they can’t see clearly. It can also affect their ability to learn. Unfortunately, many children with vision issues think their vision is normal, because they just don’t know any better. It’s up to parents to ensure their children’s eyes are healthy and happy! Read this week’s article on 8 signs that your child is having trouble seeing, and know what to look for in your children!

“But my Child Passed Her Vision Screening”

Vision Screenings are not Comprehensive Eye Exams. Children are often given vision screening tests by their school nurses or a General Practitioner (GP). These aim to identify eye problems so that a child can then be referred to an optometrist for further help. However there is a fundamental issue with vision screenings, and that is these are being performed by individuals with little to no specialized knowledge about the eye.

The proof is in the pudding. Studies have shown that vision screenings do not aid in identifying most eye problems. Instead, they test mostly for farsightedness, which just isn’t enough. Technology is such a big part of our lives, as well as our children’s, more activity is being done at a close range on tablets, and computers. This means we are seeing more and more children with nearsightedness (myopia), and why it is crucial to test.

Parents often times feel a false sense of security because their child has passed a vision screening test. However, it is imperative that parents not use these screenings in place of a comprehensive eye exam. The two are just not the same.



So what Signs should I Pay Attention to?

Observing how your child sees is easy and can really help identify if there is an issue. Seeing clearly is a fundamental sense, which is generally correctable. Look for the following signs for vision issues in your child:

  1. Does your child always hold his or her book closely?
  2. Are activities which require close-up focus, like homework or reading are avoided?
  3. Have you noticed your child squinting frequently?
  4. Is your child complaining of headaches?
  5. Does your child avoid activities which require far distance focus, like sports?
  6. Is your child sensitive to light?
  7. Frequent eye rubbing?
  8. Does your child always sit close to the television?


If you see any of these signs it’s time to make an appointment with your local optometrist. As the saying goes it’s better to be safe than sorry. An optometrist will have a thorough look at the eyes and be able to diagnose and recommend an appropriate treatment. Remember children’s eye exams are completely covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP) till the age of 18, so there is no excuse to not come in, and come in regularly.


If you are worried about your child’s vision? Book an appointment with Dr. Sharma.! We would love to help your child see clearly.