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How Important are Regular Eye Exams?

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Regular eye exams are essential in maintaining proper eye health, allowing you to see the world with your full potential. Even though eyes are the most fundamental sensory organs in the human body, patients everywhere often overlook regular eye exams. Read this week’s article to learn all about why you shouldn’t skip a regular eye exam. A hint – it could potentially save your sight!


Why Regular Eye Exams Matter

A thorough eye exam performed by a doctor of optometry will screen for vision and serious, symptom-less illnesses such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Optometrists will refer patients to other specialists and/or prescribe medication to aid in acute needs. It is especially important for diabetic patients, individuals over the age of 65 and those with a family history of ocular disease to routinely see an eye doctor.

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Whether you spend your days sightseeing or work at a computer, an optometrist can create a tailored eyeglass prescription to fit each patient’s unique lifestyle. If you are a sports enthusiast or don’t want the hassle of wearing glasses, contact lenses could be an option if you are a good candidate.

Optometry clinics can see patients on a same-day basis whereas, GP offices often have significant wait times. Therefore it is important that patients with ocular concerns visit a doctor of optometry quickly to determine the appropriate care. Whether it is an eye infection, trauma, or a contact lens issue, timely care is the most efficient healing power.


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