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Tune in to Your Child’s Eyesight – Are They Seeing Clearly?

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It’s almost that time again; back to school! Parents are rushing to get school supplies, clothes, sports registrations, and so much more. But what about your children’s eyesight? Are they seeing clearly? 80% of what we learn is achieved visually. So seeing clearly is vital for young growing minds. Without it, your child could be suffering more than just in their grades.

A regular eye exam can make a huge difference in your child. Without one, you are risking hindering their confidence, learning, and self-esteem. You can’t generally rely on your own observations about how well your child is seeing their surroundings. Because, the simple truth is, many parents just don’t know when their child isn’t seeing clearly.

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5 Reasons to Not Skip Out on Your Child’s Regular Eye Exam 

The biggest reasons your child should never miss their eye exam appointment:

  1. Vision Screenings done at your child’s school do not replace a visit to the optometrist. Your family eye doctor is the only professional who can truly assess the health of your children’s eyesight. Vision screenings miss many common vision issues found in children and focus mainly on identifying farsightedness.
  2. Development can be affected by poor vision. If 80% of what we learn is accomplished visually, then not seeing clearly can really hinder a child’s development. Especially, at a time when learning and development are key.
  3. Increasing screen time means a greater susceptibility to vision issues. More and more learning is being done on tablets and computers as our world shifts to a more digital age. All of this screen time affects the eyes. As a result more cases of nearsightedness or myopia are showing up in children.
  4. Rest assured your child’s eyes are healthy. Seeing an eye professional is more than just an updated prescription. Yes, they will be able to see clearly after their appointment, but an optometrist can also identify any eye conditions or diseases. Some of which have no symptoms. The sooner an issue is identified the quicker an appropriate treatment can be administered. In the case of our eyes, being proactive means everything. It could even save your child’s eyesight!
  5. Monkey-see-monkey-do. Although, we have heavily emphasized the need to get your child’s eyes regularly examined. Parents also need to take care of their eyes and set a good example for their little ones. Good habits are instilled early on.


How Often? And What About Insurance Coverage?

If you think your child is having issues with their eyes since their last eye exam, you should consider a follow-up. Changes can occur in between regular eye exams. More information about how often your child should have a regular eye exam can be found here.

Your child’s eye exam is probably free. Information about insurance coverage for children can be found here.


If you would like to book an appointment for your child, or the entire family, give us a call or book online with Dr. Sharma (did we mention he loves kids). We would love to see you!