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How Often Should You See Your Eye Doctor for an Eye Exam?

getting an eye exam

This is probably the most common question our office receives by patients. “How often should you see your eye doctor for an eye exam”? Patients are usually confused because they just haven’t been properly informed. Firstly, you should see your optometrist regularly. If this is news to you, well let’s just say we are happy you know now. It could save your eyesight.

Eye care is a proactive approach, instead of a retroactive approach. Continuous eye check-ups allow foresight into possible eye conditions that you may develop, and early detection means proper diagnosis and treatment. Furthering your chances of ensuring your eyes are well taken care of.


The Recommended Timeline

So let’s break it down, when exactly do you need an eye exam:

Children (0-18 years): 

  • 6 months
  • 3 years
  • Every year thereafter

Adults (19-64):

  • Once every 2 years

Seniors (65+):

  • Annually, or bi-annually

It’s important to remember that these recommended periods may change for those with specific eye conditions. Your optometrist will inform you if you need to see them sooner.


What about insurance coverage?

Some patients have extended medical plans while others do not. It can be confusing and that is why we have laid it all out for you in our insurance coverage page.


Still Confused? 

Book an appointment with Dr. Sharma to learn more! We love seeing happy eyes.