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Why Do You Wake Up With Sleep In Your Eyes?

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Waking up with sleep in your eyes has happened to all of us. It goes by many names: eye sleep, eye boogers, crust, and even goop. It might not be the most pleasant thing to wake up to, but it is important. So what is it? What purpose does it serve? We got it all covered in this post, so read on!

So what is eye sleep? What purpose does it serve? We’ve got it all covered in this post, so read on!

Our eyes are always in protection mode!

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Even while we sleep, our eyes are continually producing mucous. It is a concoction of debris, oil, and cells that are eliminated through this mucous. Gross! Yes, it might seem gross, but it’s an important function in protecting your eyes. Without this self-cleaning mechanism, which works around the clock, the eye would be vulnerable.

For example, without this discharge, unwanted debris would not be ‘washed’ from your eyes. This would cause irritation to the frontal surface of the eyes, which could potentially lead to other more serious eye conditions.

This is a constant process. It happens during the day too, but the build up does not occur. Why? Because it is washed away by tears. The eye is constantly producing tears to help lubricate the eyes and also washes away any build-up from mucous discharge.


When Do I Need To Worry?

Some eye discharge is normal and necessary. But, if it is green, yellow, excessive, or accompanied with other eye issues, it’s time to pay a visit to your local Victoria eye doctor. You could have an eye infection, which may require antibiotics or something more serious like an eye disease. It’s best not to prolong seeing an optometrist if you think something might be wrong. At your check-up, your eyes will be assessed and you will be provided a treatment plan.

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How To Help Stop Excessive Eye Discharge

Excessive sleep in your eyes is a way of signaling to you that something isn’t right. Follow these simple tips to keep your eyes healthy:

  • Practice good hygiene. Avoid touching your eyes until you have washed your hands. Not doing so is an easy way to invite unwanted germs into the eye.
  • Practice good contact lens care and hygiene. Sleeping with your contacts on is a perfect recipe for bacteria to grow and multiply.
  • Don’t miss your regular eye exam. It could uncover serious eye issues.
  • Ask your eye doctor how to cope with eye allergies. You don’t have to suffer through allergies!
  • Don’t share eye makeup. Would you share your toothbrush with a friend?

And now you know all about eye sleep and its purpose. We hope we haven’t grossed you out!


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