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What to expect when you have an eye assessment appointment:

Your eye care checkup will typically take about half an hour; it may be more or less depending on your specific vision needs. The goal of your appointment is to provide you with an up-to-date prescription and assess the overall health of your eyes.

Before Your Eye Care Appointment

Prior to your eye exam, we will review your general eye health as well as your medical history by asking you to fill out a questionnaire. Knowing your family medical history helps identify potential high-risk areas, because many eye diseases are hereditary.

During Your Appointment:


Pretests are performed by our technicians prior to you seeing an optometrist

Non-contact Tonometer:  Measures eye pressure and screens for diseases such as Glaucoma.

Autorefractor: Provides an estimation of one’s prescription, and measures the eye curvature

Retinal Camera:  Provides a visual picture of the back of the eye, and is especially important in tracking changes within this region over time


An optometrist will perform the remaining tests / steps:

Visual Acuity Test:  You will be asked to read a chart with varying letter sizes to help determine your eye-sight

Eye Cover Tests: The optometrist will cover and uncover one eye to see how well it works with the other at near and far distances.

Refraction: This allows for an accurate prescription

Slit lamp exam: Assesses the ocular health by examining the anterior and posterior ocular structures

External exam and ocular reactions: Light and objects are used to determine how the pupils react at close distances. The frontal surfaces of the eyes are also examined for irregularities.

Additional Eye Tests & Check-ups

Other test are also offered by our clinic if required or needed

Color blind testing

Contact lens fitting

Referral for Safety Glasses

Visual Field Test

Referrals to ophthalmologist and other necessary specialists

After Your Appointment

After you’ve seen our family optometrist, we will provide you with an updated prescription for your eyes.  Should you require contact lenses, you may purchase them from us directly. We can also recommend where to find wonderful prescription frames if you’re looking for glasses.

If a referral to a specialist is required, our staff will make the necessary appointment for you.

What To Bring With You To An Eye Exam?

  • Your BC Care Card
  • A detailed list of all prescription medications
  • Contact lenses or prescription glasses
  • Sunglasses in case your eyes are dilated
  • Family medical history detail

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