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Common Causes of Dry Eye

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Our eyes are truly the windows to our souls. We use them to perform a wide variety of essential tasks on a daily basis. We can’t drive without clear vision or operate machinery. The bad news is that our eyes can take a beating sometimes. We can use them so much that they become strained from looking at a computer screen for excessive amounts of time. We can also short-change ourselves when it comes to rest, leaving our eyes tired and strained. All of these factors, in addition to aging heredity and a whole host of other issues, can adversely affect our eyes. Victoria, BC, patients can benefit from receiving advice and essential care from an eye doctor on our optometry team. If you need eye care for your dry eye symptoms, we at Inner Harbour Optometry are here to help.


What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common condition characterized by your eye’s inability to produce enough tears and moisture to adequately lubricate. Dry eye symptoms include itchy gritty eyes, burning, redness, and overall discomfort. This can make your eyes feel tired and overworked. Dry eyes are common in older adults but can also happen in younger people. In more extreme situations, it can affect your vision.


What Is the Cause of Dry Eyes?

Various situations and health issues can create dry eyes. Staring at a computer screen for too long is one example. Dry eyes can also be caused by a dysfunction or issue with the glands in your eyes. Environmental factors can also dry out your eyes and make you uncomfortable.


Dry Eye Treatments    

An eye doctor on our optometry team may prescribe eye drops to help maintain the moisture level in your eyes. The eye drops may be over-the-counter or prescription based. Other procedures include the use of silicone plugs to protect the moisture base of your eyes by plugging the tear ducts. Blephex is also a procedure used to treat dry eyes. Pulsed Light Therapy is a treatment option designed to stimulate the glands in the eye and encourage the production of tears in the eye. An optometrist on our optometry team will recommend a solution based on your unique situation. If you’re experiencing an issue with dry eyes, call us. We can schedule an eye exam and determine the reason for your dry eyes and suggest solutions to help relieve your condition.


Get Blephex, Pulsed Light Therapy, and Other Dry Eye Treatments for Your Dry Eye Symptoms

If you need eye care for your dry eye symptoms, we at Inner Harbour Optometry in Victoria, BC, are here to help. We have one location in the heart of downtown and another in a trendy neighborhood in Fisgard. Call us at (250) 920-0755 for eye care from an “optometrist near me.”