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How an Eye Exam can Show Signs of High Cholesterol

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A comprehensive eye exam discovered Chris had high cholesterol. Amazing, right? An eye test is much more than just an updated prescription. It’s a thorough eye health examination, which can help diagnose other issues with your overall health, such as high cholesterol.


Eye Tests and Your Overall Health; It’s All Connected

Our patients are always surprised when they come into our office for a new prescription, and we end up uncovering something else out about their overall health. Our bodies are interconnected, and that means that if you have high cholesterol, it can show up in your eyes too. We all know the damage high cholesterol can have on the heart, and particularly in the arteries of the heart. Thick plaque build-up overtime, can lead to a heart attack. However, this same blockage can occur in the veins of the eyes too, leading to something called retinal vein occlusion. This can essentially stop the optic nerve from communicating to the brain. In other words, you could go blind!


How to Protect Your Eyes from the Effects of High Cholesterol?

Be Informed 

It’s important patients who have high cholesterol take appropriate actions to lower their cholesterol. Being educated about the condition, causes, and conditions can help a person take control. Health Link BC provides great, user-friendly information to help patients reduce their cholesterol levels. You can check out their website here.

Be Proactive 

Don’t skip out on your regular eye exam. Especially if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or a combination of these. Because having one or all of these puts patients at a higher risk for eye diseases and issues. Getting a regular eye exam can better ensure any developing issues can be treated immediately and appropriately. Your family eye doctor may recommend you to come in more frequently to monitor your eye health if you are a high-risk candidate.

 An eye exam isn’t just about seeing clearly, it’s about seeing your eye health clearly too!

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If you need a comprehensive eye exam, give us a call or book online with Dr. Sharma. We would love to help you see your very best!