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Eye Knowledge: How Much Do You Know About Eyes?

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We all use our peepers every day. We rely on them to help us navigate the world. But, how well do you really know your eyes? Read this week’s article about some interesting facts and some things everyone should know about their eyes, but probably don’t. We hope you enjoy it and gain some useful eye knowledge!


How Much Do You Know About The Human Eye?

  1. Does 20/20 vision mean you have “perfect” vision? No, sorry folks. 20/20 vision simply means at 20 feet distance you are able to read what an average person is able to read.
  2. Are all tears alike? Actually, there are different types of tears. Tears of joy, tears from cutting an onion, or tears from being upset all differ. Different emotions result in completely different tears. Fascinating, right? Check out the Topography of Tears for some visual examples.
  3. If you have an eye emergency, you should go immediately to the nearest hospital. If your regular eye physician is open, it is best to go there. Why? Optometrist have specialized equipment that some hospitals don’t. Additionally, at Inner Harbour Optometry, there is always room set aside for emergency cases, so you won’t have to wait for hours on end, like at a hospital. If you require an ophthalmologist’s care, your optometrist can refer you immediately. Time is of the essence when it comes to our eyes, so the sooner you can be seen by an eye professional the better.
  4. Children don’t require eye exams until the age of five. This is absolutely false. It is estimated that 80% of learning is done visually. So if your child cannot see clearly, their learning could be negatively impacted. It’s also important for parents to understand that children just don’t have the eye knowledge to know any better. If they cannot see clearly, they may not make you aware of it because they think it’s normal. It is up to parents to be proactive about their children’s eye care. An optometrist can help your child see clearly, and also diagnose any eye health issues, some of which have no symptoms. Learn about how often your child should see an eye doctor.
  5. It is unsafe to wear contacts while swimming. This is true. Unfortunately, contacts and the swimming pool just don’t mix well. Pools exhibit many different kinds of bacteria and chemicals. When these mix together, the last thing you want is to be wearing contacts in the pool. Learn what you can do if you swim regularly, and require glasses/contacts.

We hope you gained some valuable eye knowledge. If you want to know more, check out the blog section of our website, where we regularly post new and interesting posts!


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