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Fall Dishes Your Eyes Will Benefit From

edible fall decorations

Hello, fellow Victorians. now that school has begun fall is soon to follow! Fall is always an exciting time with much change. Although it is still extremely hot out, this week’s article is going to touch on some fall dishes your eyes will benefit from in anticipation of my favorite season!

When many of us think of fall the color orange pops in mind. This color is everywhere, especially in our natural environment. It is also a good color to see in your grocery cart (at least when it comes to fruits and vegetables)! Orange vegetables like butternut squash and sweet potatoes are great in a variety of dishes. They also are filled with beta-carotene, which is a form of Vitamin A (retinol). Beta-carotene is responsible for giving fruits and vegetables their orange color. So why is eating things with Beta-carotene good for your eyes? Beta-carotene helps promote good eye health by supporting the surface of the eye or cornea.


The Types Of Vitamin A

There are two types of vitamin A: plant based and animal-derived. Foods like sweet potato, carrots, and cantaloupes fall under the category of plant based forms of Vitamin A. In this case, our bodies must digest the food in order to convert the beta-carotene into a usable form of retinol. Beef and eggs are animal-derived forms of Vitamin A. These sources of Vitamin A are already in a usable form and can be used by the body immediately.


Balance is Key

The best way to ensure your eyes are getting all the nutrients required for healthy eyes is to eat a healthy well-balanced diet. Too much of anything is never good, and this includes vitamin A. Allaboutvision.com states the risks of consuming too much animal-derived vitamin A:

“Vitamin A that comes from animal food sources is not water-soluble and therefore is not readily excreted from the body. Instead, it is stored in body fat and, if ingested in excess amounts, can build up in the body and become toxic.”

I always recommend my patients eat a variety of foods because it is fuel for your entire body, including the eyes. Instead of opting to take synthetic versions of vitamins and minerals patients should try to get their daily values through food first. If this is not possible talk to your family GP about your options.

Check out these great healthy eye recipes from American Optometric Association:


Main Courses


Side Dishes

We hope you try a few and let us know which one of these recipes is your favorite!


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