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Is It Safe To Buy My Contact Lenses Online?

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Online purchases have skyrocketed in the past few years. It’s quick, easy, and convenient. So why not buy your contact lenses online too? Buying your toilet paper from an online retailer is a lot different than buying something that is going to go into your eyes! This week’s article will help you learn the risks and be a more informed shopper when it comes to your eyes.


In Just One Click…

There is no doubt our world is changing. These days with a click of a mouse you can order almost anything. It’s important that consumers know online shopping is not so simple when it comes to the health of your eyes. Contact lenses are a medical device. Not all contacts are the same, and wearing the wrong type of lens could damage your eyes permanently.

In a previous post on Halloween contacts, we highlighted the risks of ordering online decorative contacts; the same risks are present for corrective contact lenses.

  1. A contact lens seller may be selling lenses that are compromised due to the environment in which they are produced. This means they could be contaminated right from the factory. Furthermore, there is no way to verify if an overseas producer is producing quality contact lenses if they aren’t tested or approved by Health Canada.
  2. You could be ordering contact lenses that just don’t fit well with your eyes, even if you have an up-to-date prescription.
  3. If a prescription is not required by an online seller, you could be purchasing not only incorrect corrective lenses, but the wrong lens size as well. If a retailer claims “one size fits all” it’s false, and a red flag towards the type of retailer.
  4. You may think you are ordering one thing, but in fact, get something else entirely. For example, you may have ordered a lens made out of a particular material but the product you received was incorrect.
  5. Wearers are given little to no education on proper wear and removal. Leaving them vulnerable to a whole host of potential issues from poor hygiene and improper storage.

The biggest take away for patients is to know that the online world is mostly unregulated. Unless you are ordering contact lenses online from a verified Doctor of Optometry clinic, you just can’t guarantee what you’ll be getting. Consequently, this can really harm your eyes. So, you need to ask yourself, is it worth it?


When It Comes To Your Eyes Leave It To An Eye Doctor

You should only trust your eyes with someone who is an eye professional. Because our eyes are irreplaceable, a simple mistake could cost you your vision. There is a good reason why all new contact lens wearers must have a contact lens fit with an eye doctor. It ensures each patient is being fitted with the proper lens. This is extremely important because lenses differ in material, fit, oxygen permeability, curvature, and so much more. A person’s lifestyle also matters in the choice of appropriate lens. A fitting also ensures the patient knows how to properly handle, remove, and store his or her contact lenses.


Don’t Skip Your Eye Exam

Our eyes change. This means a contact lens brand that fits you today, may be unsuitable at a later date. You may be a good candidate for contacts now but not in the future. An eye exam is an opportunity for you to have your eyes thoroughly assessed by an eye doctor. Who will be able to not only address any issues you may be experiencing with your contacts but have the knowledge to recommend a more suitable type of corrective lens.

We are constantly striving to provide our patients with the best possible contact lens options. During your visit, your eye doctor may decide that your comprehensive eye exam should include advanced diagnostic tests. You can also choose to have these advanced tests included. Eye issues or diseases may be detected by this process before any symptoms are even present. A routine eye exam is an invaluable test; it can save your sight.

Want to know more about these tests, click here.


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