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Cataracts Causes, Prevention & Treatment – Learn About Cataracts

What is a Cataract? When the lens in the back of the eye becomes cloudy or opaque, it is called a cataract. Cataracts can vary from extremely small areas of cloudiness Read More

How Diabetes Affects Your Eyes

Diabetes is a disease which effects many Canadians. Many of us are aware that diabetes is characterized by the body’s inability to regulate insulin. But did you know that it Read More

Do You Wear Your Contacts All Day Long?

For anyone who cannot function without their contact lenses, listen up, this tip is for you! We hear consistently from many of our patients they have a habit of putting their Read More

If You Read in the Dark You Will Damage Your Eyes

“Stop reading in the dark, you’re going to damage your eyes…!” Or will you? Does this line seem familiar? Well it probably is, because many parents reiterated it to their children, Read More

Do You Get Watery Eyes in the Cold Weather?

Is the colder weather making your eyes more watery? We have been pretty lucky for the most part this September, enjoying sunny days, and only slightly cooler temperatures. But, as Read More

I Have Something In My Eye And Get It Out!

“I have something in my eye and I can’t get it out!” We’ve all been there. You find yourself experiencing eye discomfort because there is something lodged within your eye. What Read More

My Eye Is Twitching – How Do I Make It Stop?

At one point in time almost all of us have experienced eye twitches, but for most individuals this eye condition subsides on its own fairly quickly and is not serious. Read More

What Is Too Much Screen Time For My Child?

Increased rates of nearsightedness or myopia are appearing in young children. Why? It’s due to the amount of time our little ones are spending in front of a screen. Whether that Read More

What is Pink Eye? The Real Answer Might Surprise You

Are you seeing pink? The Great Misconceptions About Pink EyeHave you ever had pink eye? If so, you might have assumed it was from feces coming into contact with your eye Read More

How to Treat Dry or Irritated Eyes During a Long Flight

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many Victorians will be hopping on a flight to join families for the long weekend. None of us really mind a short flight, other Read More

Eye Fact or Myth – Pseudo Eye Health ‘Tips’ Debunked

Have you ever heard of putting a raw steak on a black eye? What about changing the color of your eye with honey? It’s hard to decipher what’s fact and Read More

Your Family Eye History is Very Important When it Comes To Your Own Eyes

That little area on patient check-in forms about family history is more important than you may realize.Usually, when patients reach this part of the check-in form they do their best Read More

Tune in to Your Child’s Eyesight -Are They Seeing Clearly?

It’s almost that time again; back to school! Parents are rushing to get school supplies, clothes, sports registrations, and so much more. But what about your children’s eyesight? Are they seeing Read More

Understanding Colour Blindness: What Do You See?

What Does it Mean to be Colour Blind? There are varying types of colour blindness. Being colour blind is usually inherited; however, it can result from having health conditions, like diabetes. Many people Read More

What does it mean to be Nearsighted or Farsighted?

There is a lot of confusion about what does it mean to be nearsighted or farsighted. Many patients come into our office having the two eye conditions confused. This week’s Read More

How often should you see your eye doctor for an eye exam?

This is probably the most common question our office receives by patients. “How often should you see your eye doctor for an eye exam”? Patients are usually confused because they Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 126 posts


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