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Eye Protection is No Joke when it comes to Playing Sports

A lot of talk about safety has surrounded sports lately. Will Smith even starred in a movie called Concussion, a true story based on groundbreaking research on chronic brain injuries in Read More

Eye Tattoos, it’s a Real Thing!

The first thing that I felt when I read the words ‘eye tattoos’ was a shiver down my spine! Getting an eyelash stuck in your eye is bad enough, but Read More

Critical First Aid Care for Eye Injuries

In those precious seconds after some sort of eye ‘incident’, the choices you make could just save your eyesight. Do the right thing, and you can get to the hospital Read More

A Good Reason NOT to Ignore Eye Pain

Often patients experiencing eye pain come into our office to seek professional advice from Dr. Sharma. They’re smart to seek out their family eye doctor, because eye pain is not Read More

Tears Can Tell Their Own Story?

hen is the last time you shed a tear? I know the last time I did, I was so overjoyed at the sight of my baby girl being born, I Read More

Why Does My Optometrist Dilate My Eyes?

You know those drops your family eye doctor puts in your eyes during your eye exam. Soon after you’re sensitive to light, and your close up vision is well, blurry? Those drops Read More

8 Terrible Side Effects from Wearing Contacts Too Long

Contact lenses are a great medical device that help millions of people see clearly. They have come a long way. In terms of breath-ability, wear-ability, and comfort. But, there are Read More

Smoking is Harming Your Eyesight – It’s Time to Quit

We are now more aware than ever about the negative effects smoking has on our lungs and heart. There are over 4,000 chemicals found in one cigarette, as well as Read More

Your Eye Exam – Did You Feel Informed About The Results?

Is your family eye doctor speaking in complicated medical lingo which you just don’t understand? Optometrists go through rigorous medical training, and sometimes may not realize their patients need eye conditions Read More

Are You Using the Right Type of Contact Lens Solution?

Not all contact lens solutions are the same! That’s right. Many patients don’t know this important piece of information (or at least have forgotten it). Solutions may be bought because of Read More

How an Eye Exam can Show Signs of High Cholesterol

A comprehensive eye exam discovered Chris had high cholesterol. Amazing, right? An eye test is much more than just an updated prescription. It’s a thorough eye health examination, which can help diagnose Read More

The Eye Health Benefits Of Eating Pumpkin

Yep, it’s officially October and many of us are excited for all the fall festivities, which of course includes pumpkin everything! It is especially popular in things we eat and Read More

Is Eye Makeup Harming My Eyes?

A lot of women wear eye makeup daily, but what you don’t know about eye makeup could really hurt your eyes! I know what your thinking, “great now eye makeup Read More

How Do I Clean My Glasses Properly?

For some people, their glasses are more important than any other article of clothing, jewelry, or fashion accessory. They are the first thing they wear when they wake up and Read More

What Is Blue Light? Is It Harmful or Beneficial?

If you haven’t heard of blue light, you should become familiar with it! Your being exposed to blue light right now as you read this very post! So why should Read More

Eye Care: How Do I Keep My Eyes Healthy At Home

A simple, but common question I receive from patients is: “how can I care for my eyes“? Most of us know that we should eat a balanced diet, and exercise. Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 121 posts


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