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Does Sound Influence Sight?

Is what we see with our eyes transmitted to our brain without any other influences? Why would what we hear make a difference in what we are seeing? The image Read More

The Retina’s Function, Anatomy, & Related Diseases

Have you ever heard of the word retina? Sure you have; it’s something to do with the eye. Yes, it is a very important part of the eye, so this week’s Read More

The Lens of the Eye – It’s Function, Anatomy, & Related Issues

This part of the eye is quite flexible. It can change its shape to help focus on objects at varying distances. What part of the eye is this? The lens! Read More

The Iris – Its Anatomy, Function, & Related Eye Diseases

It’s a bright sunny summer day and you forgot your sunglasses. You walk outside and instantly you have a natural, knee-jerk reaction to squint. Why? It’s obvious you are squinting Read More

Should I Buy My Sunglasses From An Optician?

It is a hot one today, Victoria! With summer comes the sun, which means get out your sunglasses, right? Well, in actuality you should always have your shades close by Read More

I Only Need To See My Optometrist If I Have An Eye Issue, Right?

Generally, you see a doctor when you are experiencing a problem. For example, your ear has been aching, so you make an appointment with your family doctor to see if Read More

Retinopathy : How Does Diabetes Effect The Eyes

Diabetes Canada estimates a 44% increase in the prevalence of diabetes by the year 2025. It is no secret that many Canadians have diabetes, or at risk for getting this Read More

Kids Eye Learning Activity: How Well Do You Know Your Eyes?

This week we are going to switch things up! Now that children are finished with the school year, it doesn’t mean they should stop learning. So this week we have Read More

Eye Protection: How To Watch The Epic Total Solar Eclipse Safely

If you haven’t heard about the total solar eclipse predicted to occur on August 21, 2017, in the US, mark your calendars now! Many Canadians will be no doubt traveling Read More

Eye Knowledge: True or False

Have you ever heard a “fact” about your eyes that you just weren’t sure it was 100% true? Like, sitting too close to the television will harm your eyes? Or, eye Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury: Visual Symptoms Following A Concussion

Experiencing a traumatic brain injury like a concussion can be life altering. It can affect many parts of the body including the eyes. Our visual system is extremely complex and Read More

How Do We See Colour?

Have you ever wondered how we actually see colour? Do we all interpret colours in the same way?  These are very interesting questions and so we decided why not dedicate Read More

When Is My Child Ready For Contact Lenses?

Wow, another summer has almost flown by. I can’t believe we are almost into September and I am sure parents can’t either. Back to school time can bring on a Read More

What Does 20/20 Vision Actually Mean?

“I have 20/20 vision.” This probably doesn’t mean much to the general public, other than it helps describe someone with good vision. But, these numbers do mean something. They are a Read More

Fall Dishes Your Eyes Will Benefit From

Hello, fellow Victorians. now that school has begun fall is soon to follow! Fall is always an exciting time with much change. Although it is still extremely hot out, this Read More

Decorative Contacts For Halloween

As Halloween approaches many of us are thinking about our costumes, and for some, it will mean finishing off their look with decorative or fashion contacts. Before you decide on Read More

Viewing 65 - 80 out of 120 posts


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