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Traumatic Brain Injury: Visual Symptoms Following A Concussion

Experiencing a traumatic brain injury like a concussion can be life altering. It can affect many parts of the body including the eyes. Our visual system is extremely complex and Read More

How Do We See Colour?

Have you ever wondered how we actually see colour? Do we all interpret colours in the same way?  These are very interesting questions and so we decided why not dedicate Read More

When Is My Child Ready For Contact Lenses?

Wow, another summer has almost flown by. I can’t believe we are almost into September and I am sure parents can’t either. Back to school time can bring on a Read More

What Does 20/20 Vision Actually Mean?

“I have 20/20 vision.” This probably doesn’t mean much to the general public, other than it helps describe someone with good vision. But, these numbers do mean something. They are a Read More

Fall Dishes Your Eyes Will Benefit From

Hello, fellow Victorians. now that school has begun fall is soon to follow! Fall is always an exciting time with much change. Although it is still extremely hot out, this Read More

Decorative Contacts For Halloween

As Halloween approaches many of us are thinking about our costumes, and for some, it will mean finishing off their look with decorative or fashion contacts. Before you decide on Read More

Children’s Eye Safety Tips For Halloween

The most frightful day of the year is soon to be here! Halloween is sure to give people of all ages a scare! But, when it comes to your children, Read More

Digital Eye Strain Tips & Techniques

Almost everyone at some point in their life will experience digital eye strain. So much of what we do is in front of screens. You are likely reading this blog Read More

How Could Stem Cell Research Aid In Eye Therapy

Stem cell research is an exciting field with many advancements and hope for new and better treatments. Although this topic has proven to be controversial in the media it has Read More

Optometry Terms Explained

Do you know what myopia or strabismus mean? Many common optometry terms are just not familiar to the general public. But, knowing these terms could prove to be important because Read More

How To Prevent Diabetic Related Eye Diseases

November is diabetes awareness month. Diabetes is a prevalent health concern for all Canadians. It is estimated by Diabetes Canada that by the year 2025, five million Canadians will be Read More

What Can Be Done About An Inward Growing Eyelash?

Eyelashes are an important part of the overall eye. They help protect against debris, sun, and among other things the wind. However, sometimes eyelashes can cause issues to the eye. Almost Read More

Keep Your Children’s Eyes Safe Over The Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner! It’s an exciting time filled with food, family, and gifts! If you have children they are surely excited to see what gifts Santa gives Read More

Are Virtual Reality Headsets Safe For Your Eyes?

You’ve heard of virtual reality (VR) headsets, right? These headsets are becoming more and more popular, allowing users to transport themselves into an entirely different world. The technology is being Read More

Is It Safe To Buy My Contact Lenses Online?

Online purchases have skyrocketed in the past few years. It’s quick, easy, and convenient. So why not buy your contact lenses online too? Buying your toilet paper from an online Read More

Types Of Astigmatism

Many people are unaware and confused about what astigmatism really means. It is not an eye disease, like some may think. But, rather a refractive error, like nearsightedness or farsightedness. Read More

Viewing 81 - 96 out of 126 posts


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